North Cyprus Solopreneur: The Life

By Sharon Chihaka Chanyau

Living in the ‘occupied area’, North Cyprus has taught me a lot as a solopreneur. Never before did I think I would be a work-at-home mom/student. I always imagined my work life to be the conventional one with a 9-5 time schedule, a boss and a monthly pay check.
Whoa, now I bid for jobs(Sigh), sometimes work 18 hrs a day, trying to keep up with time zones in America and Canada, work with and manage people I have never personally met. And the pay varies from month to month.


Within North Cyprus soloprenuer networking with the natives is next to none as most of them speak Turkish and are a bit not very willing to mix and mingle. The older generation (60s and older) are more accommodative and curious to learn and know more about people and suprisingly they speak little English and are ready to show off their skills. As a solopreneur with basic knowledge of Turkish, I have resorted to online networking and references  to get work.

It has been a heck of a journey but I am loving it. (Wink wink).

Cyprus map image courtesy of Google.

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