Before you hire a VA.

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As a business entity before hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) your house should be in order. I understand that the need to free up some time on the part of the business owner is what prompts one to look for VA help. However letting one in your business without the correct business structure may do more harm than good. It is quite an interesting achievement to be able to take in a new member to your group. Here are some tips you may need to consider before hiring a VA.

What skills do you need?

Which area can use an extra hand?  Is it your website, social media, web analytics area?   Maybe you are looking for a bookkeeper?  Do you need anyone with strong writing skills? Know the skills you need in advance, this will ensure that you find a VA who is the best suit for the job and that you get the best help. On this, you may want to consider hiring someone with qualifications that no one in your group possesses.

This might also help: Go through your everyday normal business before you hire a VA. Look for the tasks that are lagging behind in completion, which tasks you are doing that could be done by someone else and those tasks that you really hate doing. Be honest and list them down

Is it going to be a remote or a local VA?

I chose this because of availability and management factors. Remote VAs come in various forms. Some may be in the same state, country or continent whereas some may be on a different continent with a different time zone. What hours is your VA available? Are they always a call away when you need some work done? Would you want to spend time managing a VA? Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages but it is always wise to choose that one which works best with your business and group needs.

Other sources to check out before you hire a VA

Income and  Budgets

Hiring a direct employee may mean you have to pay extra money for vacation time, benefits and taxes. Which also means that hiring a VA may save you these extra costs.  The goal of hiring a VA is to take some load off your schedule so you focus mainly on revenue generating tasks.  Make an honest budget considering the savings you obtain by hiring a VA. There is also potential business growth by having a right-hand person to do all the administrative work for you.

Extra thought….

Bear in mind that there are companies that outsource and manage VAs. This may guarantee you that you will not have to spend time worrying managing your VA. The company will provide back up when your hired VA is not available and ensure your business runs smoothly and without disappointments.

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