A journey that I will forever cherish. Someone I regard as wise told me that the best way to make a living in your life is doing it through something that you love. After scratching for eight long years working as a full-time Assistant Administrator I finally met up with  something that literary woke me up. I realised that virtual assistance will not just free me up from the 9-5 job but it is doing something I love using my expert knowledge and experience at the same time running my own business. That was just fantastic!!!

What I do as a VAUntitled design

I am a General VA but I have plans to niche into being a Psychologists and Physiotherapists VA. So, that means I do a variety of tasks which include:

-Inputting and updating different types of records.
-Generating reports or spreadsheets.
-Posting on social media on behalf of clients.
-Manage clients email accounts. (more…)

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