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As a business entity before hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) your house should be in order. I understand that the need to free up some time on the part of the business owner is what prompts one to look for VA help. However letting one in your business without the correct business structure may do more harm than good. It is quite an interesting achievement to be able to take in a new member to your group. Here are some tips you may need to consider before hiring a VA.

What skills do you need?

Which area can use an extra hand?  Is it your website, social media, web analytics area?   Maybe you are looking for a bookkeeper?  Do you need anyone with strong writing skills? Know the skills you need in advance, this will ensure that you find a VA who is the best suit for the job and that you get the best help. On this, you may want to consider hiring someone with qualifications that no one in your group possesses. (more…)

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